Tarin Camarena

VFX Cinematographer

Learning from Will makes Houdini seem much less intimidating. Thanks to Will I am now hooked on VFX with Houdini and TP.


Chun Seong Ng

CG Supervisor, Hydraulx Films

Will Wallace is one of the most talented and inspired FX Artist I have ever worked with, I definitely recommend this training to anyone interested in getting into the industry.


Will is very funny to listen to and he is a very pedagogical man who explains everything useful in detail, so it’s easy to follow along even if you are new to Houdini. Will’s good workflow with predictable progression of steps will make you feel right at home inside of Houdini. 


Kei Yoneoka

FX Technical Director

Will is one of the coolest FX guys I’ve ever met. We are all really lucky to be able to know his techniques from his online training!

Stefan Törnqvist

VFX Student